Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Configuring and creating certificate for .net web application

1)Make cert
C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 8\VC>makecert -n "CN=localhost" -r -sv
localhost.pvk localhost.cer

2) Add it trusted cert using above link
3) do step 3 to 6 as mention above

4) use port 999 for SSL in IIS

5)Open up the IIS Manager snap-in and right-click on the "Default Web Site" and select Properties. On the "Web Site" tab in the "Web Site Identification", click the "Advanced" button.

That should bring up the "Advanced Multiple Web Site Configuration" dialog box. Take a look at the top list box -- if there's more than one entry in there, that's likely the source of this problem.

Technically speaking, when you host services in IIS, the web server provides the base address for your service. These addresses are derived from the Site bindings, which are controlled via this dialog. We support exactly one base address per protocol.

 ->**** Remove if there are 2 entry in "Multiple SSL indentities for this website"
delete the default one.
i.e All assigned port: 443

6) Generate proxy

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