Wednesday, 7 November 2012

WCF Fault Error from BizTalk Orchestration

Consuming WCF service from BizTalk Orchestration gives following errorReceived unexpected message type ` message
Solution :

There could be much reason to cause this type of error, like
:·         Service Response does not match with message type defined in Orchestration.
·         Service may not be giving proper response as defined.
·         WCF service security, Binding or Contract may not-match. 

And it could be also because of following simple reason

 Orchestration Logical send Port Operation name must match with BTS admin console “SOAP Action Header” Operation Name. 

Orchestration Logical Send Port Operation Name: 

  “SOAP Action Header” Operation Name. 

   The two Operation name must be same else it will give an message while consuming BizTalk service from BizTalk Orchestration.

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