Tuesday, 4 December 2012

BizTalk : Accessing context/Promoted properties within maps.

BizTalk does not provide  any asset or control using which we can use Context/Promoted property in maps. It say instead of using specific field of message use entire message as source input to map.

Promoted Property  : This property are used for content based routing, If we want to use any schema field outside the Orchestration then we can promote that field.  Once the property is promoted It will be accessible outside the Orchestration like in send port filter. Based on this promoted property we can make required routing decision.

Now, If some specific  design/development require a Context/Promoted property value in the map then for this case we need to implement a custom functoid  to read a Context/Promoted property value. We can use the following link dll and refer to this project, This link exactly explain how to do this. Instead of developing custom functoid we can use the dll shared on CodePlex and blog.

    - download dll

Thanks to BizTalk247 and Codeplex.com

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