Thursday, 13 February 2014

Creating & Configuring Application pool for Website/WCF service in IIS

Creating & Configuring a new Application pool for Website/WCF service in IIS

   1. Create and Deploy your web application/WCf service to IIS.
   2.  Click “Application Pools” à right Click mouse, select “Add Application Pool”

   3. Type the name of Application pool, Select the required framework version and Managed Pipeline Mode.
Click OK. This will create a new application pool.

4.For performance and timeout related setting, please go to “Advance Setting” option of Application pool. It’s recommended to update advance setting of application pool carefully. As there are many setting which can affect performance of your application. 

5. Once you create the application pool as per your requirement. Then go to WCF/Web Application which need to be configured to run under this application pool.

6.  Go to “Manage Application” à “Advance setting”

7. Go to “Application Pool”. Click Browse option next to current application pool name. It will open a new popup window. Select the required application pool. For this demo I am selecting the newly created application pool “WCFWebAppPool”.

8. Click “OK”. Now your application will run under newly created application pool.

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