Wednesday, 6 January 2016

BizTalk WCF : BizTalk System.ServiceModel.AddressAccessDeniedException

BizTalk System.ServiceModel.AddressAccessDeniedException

You configure a self-hosted service at a BizTalk receive location using a localhost address, and when you try to enable the service (receive location) you get the above error with the details 'HTTP could not register URL http://+:80/Service.CreateService.FirstService.v1/. Your process does not have access rights to this namespace'

I was getting above error when trying to Enable WCF receive location.

To overcome this issue, you need to


1. Open the Visual studio command prompt (using the run as administrator option)

2. Type in the command netsh http add urlacl url=http://+:80/<the rest of the address that comes after localhost/> user=DOMAIN\username (So, if your full address ishttp://localhost/company.bookings.carbookingservice, you type inhttp://+:80/company.bookings.carbookingservice)

User Name should be same under which your host is running.

3. Enter to run the command
4. reset IIS - optional
5. Enable the receive location. It should start successfully now 


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